Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga invites you into a nourishing space where you can recharge yourself and your own nervous system.

Restorative yoga allows time to simply be and to nourish yourself with self care and love and harness the energy of rest. These classes are full of mindful movements, joint releasing sequences, and deep rest. It is like a retreat for your body. Cultivate the time in your restorative class for moving, resting, centering, grounding, blissing, and stretching. These classes are like a date with yourself and your soul where you can bask in deep rest. Breathing deeply and meditating together can be powerful which is all in the experience of a restorative yoga class. Restorative practices are supported by lots of props for your body, such as pillows, bolsters, blankets and lots of fragrant essential oil treats.

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