Pregnancy Yoga

Each pregnancy is unique and Yoga for Pregnancy acknowledges each woman’s individuality and helps her learn to connect with her own body, mind and emotions, in order to build a harmonious bridge to her growing baby.

As pregnancy brings its emotional ups and downs, Yoga teaches you to bring tranquility and to help each woman attune to her baby and her own joy. Yoga helps an expectant mother to invite in harmony into her body. This harmony enhances the mother-baby bond and baby feels more secure and your confidence in your innate capabilities increase. An opportunity to build a support network.

Pregnancy yoga weaves together yoga and birthing preparation. Ladies that come to pregnancy yoga find the practice helps with physical and mental wellbeing as well as empowers them during what can be a challenging time. Pregnancy Yoga connects women going through similar experiences, classes offer a variety of yoga postures that help the transitions throughout pregnancy more manageable and prepare for birth, breathing techniques to help calm and prepare for birth and deep relaxations that will have you completely zen while also fostering an emotional bond with your baby. A strengthening & lengthening Yoga Class specifically designed for expectant mommas. All pregnancy classes are suited from 12weeks.

Monday 18h – Tuesday 19h
Duration – 1 h

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