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Yoga is a practice and your practice will take time, you won’t get everything on the first day. Trust and listen to your body, your cues and your mind; it will come. Where yoga comes to life and magic happens and you simply are you on your mat with awareness. When you just show up for you just as you are, perfectly imperfect this is a beautiful aspect of the practice, this brings yoga to life and it can be hard work and you need to be aware of all this to really allow yoga to be for you.
Feel your feelings. Be open, we grow and evolve through awareness. Represent yourself on the mat. Show up with love, care and compassion. Move with love. Come back soon! The more you come the more you learn. Getting back on your mat as soon as possible helps relieve stiffness and soreness and build your understanding of yoga.

All classes are now bookable online, please visit www.daniellegriffinyoga.ieand click book now. Please arrive 5 minutes before your first class.  *****Need to check my host name**** and add this in here.

Yes. There are classes on the schedule to suit everyone from beginners to experienced students. If you’re not sure which might suit you best, don’t hesitate to ask! Delighted to help you! Fast Flow Vinyasa is mainly the class that you need some experience for as it is a fast paced class and you need to have a practice already.

Women normally wear sports tops and bottoms (leggings/shorts). Men normally wear shorts and T-shirt / sports top. Feel free to wear what you feel comfortable in! Bring along a blanket and cushion for relaxation. In Yin Yoga you will need extra layers as it’s non-heat building. For Pregnancy Yoga you will also need a gym ball/ birthing ball/swiss ball (I will advise you on this when booking to suit your height etc).

Yoga is practiced barefoot. If you have any foot complaints, please make sure that you are wearing appropriate foot coverings. Socks can be worn if you have foot conditions (rubber grips on the soles are best, also highly recommend grippy socks for Pregnancy Yoga class).

A Yoga mat and water is essential. Bring a small towel if you wish especially if you heat easily. 2 Yoga blocks or chunky hardback books with elastics around them until you get yoga blocks, you need a long belt or strap. And a blanket for relaxation.

If you are not flexible then yoga is for you! People from all walks of life and in very different physical conditions are welcome to class. Increased flexibility is a great side effect of a regular practice, but not a prerequisite!

Please inform the teacher of any concerns or injuries you may have. Please keep me regularly informed of any health changes or injuries. I am a Yoga Therapist so I have lots of experience of working with injury. I am a trained Pregnancy and Post Partum Exercise Corrective Specialist too so I have experience of working with conditions that can feel like injury during this period also.

Yes! Give the gift of Yoga to someone special! Vouchers available for all budgets.

“Kindness in words creates confidence.  Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.  Kindness in giving creates love”. Lao Tzu

 Please get in contact to organise it by contacting Dani on 0872802107 or Thank you in advance for choosing Danielle Griffin Yoga.

Other Info

Please make sure all mobile phones are switched off. Valuables and possessions are at the owner’s risk. You know your body best. Please listen to your own body and if something does not feel nice or good in your body, please gently come out of the pose and wait for next posture. Yin yoga is one class you will feel mild discomfort as we hold for longer periods of time but there should never be sharp pain it should feel like mild discomfort only.

Contact to request further information We will get back to you with the course information. Please leave your valid email address below.