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Wellness Workshop Hosts are Danielle Griffin (Yoga Therapist and Reflexologist)

Grace Sheridan (Reiki Master and Acupuncturist)

The Brightest Point of our Year. Let the Light Nourish You.  

We have designed this wellness gathering to bring us on a deep dive into the powerful energies of this threshold. We have co-created a morning of Guided Meditation, Yoga, Distant Reiki, DoTerra Essential Oils, Acupressure, Qi Massage, Balancing Breathwork and Yoga Nidra relaxation.  Optional hot tub experience so we can book with The Rise Nordic Spa. If this morning of wisdom sharing, personal enquiry, connection with community calls you, the booking details are below. Let’s gather together on the lakeshore of the Blessington Lake, right at the foot of the Wicklow Mountains in West County Wicklow.At the Summer Solstice, we are at the apex of the Celtic wheel. The sun is at its brightest, strongest, and highest point of the cycle.  It is the perfect time to gather together, to listen to the intelligence of our hearts, to turn inwards to connect with our deepest nature, so that we can unapologetically shine our light in the world, nourishing ourselves, our communities and our earth.  Let the Light Nourish YouSolstice is taken from the Latin words ‘sol’, meaning ‘sun’ .  and ‘sister’, meaning “to stand still’ as the sun appears to stand still in the sky. In the Northern Hemisphere we have the day of longest light (in the Southern Hemisphere for the Winter Solstice it is the day of longest darkness).

Like all the points on the wheel of the year, the Summer Solstice is a gateway. It is a midway point where both the light and the darkness are honoured. Our seasons reflect to us that they hold both light and dark at the same time, just like us. We remember that without darkness there is no life.In this brightness and celebration, we acknowledge that spiral of life as we begin to turn now to the descent into the dark. It’s like being at the very top of the   ferris wheel, it’s a beautiful moment to pause, notice, celebrate, prepare as it is about to start its next phase – decent. It’s a slight shift initially as it will be months before we see more of the darkness. We remember that the spiral continues, life ebbs and flows like the seasons and the moon and the tides.

“Life is like a ferris wheel. One minute you’re on top, the next you’re at the bottom. Just stay in your seat, enjoy the ride, and hang on until you reach the top again.” ~ Susan Gale

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