About My Classes

My classes are a blend of many different types of training to help energise, rejuvenate, center and ground as well as create a strong and flexible body that also teaches the importance of relaxation and calming the mind. I strive to create an atmosphere for each class with the content being creative and varied every time we practice together. Regardless of level, variety, flow, there will always be a generous amount of relaxation, yogic breathing, mindfulness, guided meditations, movement designed to destress, relax and release the body. I share some essential oil, reflexology, acupressure information and knowledge to complement the relaxation and melt stress away as well as drawing our senses back to the present moment. I endeavor to give insightful cues and alignment suggestions as well as adjustments where suitable and welcomes.As a Yoga Therapist and Reflexologist, I have a strong knowledge and keen interest in anatomy, physiology and know adjustments and refining details to help you feel better.

I like to incorporate themes so that you as a student can learn to tune into their needs, advance your practice, find new ways to practice yoga postures (asana), incorporate different alignment to their asana, learn how to use props and how to work with your own body’s capabilities, have some fun as well as using yoga to calm, let go, go deeper and just simply be.

My intention for this class is aid rest, reset, unwind and enjoy. I like to have both yang and yin like qualities threaded through my classes as combining both helps create more balance and harmony in the yoga practice and life.

My Mission

My mission as a Yoga Therapist and teacher is to provide a welcoming, accessible, fun, empowering, supportive classes, workshops, therapies and retreats whilst also creating a sense of community and connection. I share my knowledge and experience as a Yoga teacher and Reflexologist so those coming to my classes will be able to discover and enjoy themselves physically and mentally in a way that inspires them to continue this truly special practice called Yoga. I tune into what needs are in front of me. Supporting people through yoga and wellness is very much at the heart of my teachings and offerings. All classes I try to provide opportunities to move your body and harmonise body/mind/breath or, to settle the body to explore the mind. I strive to create a holistic approach to wellbeing that is adaptable to everybody.

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