Myofascial Release

It is not enough to support muscle strength and flexibility; the connective tissue, or fascia, that surrounds, supports and interconnects our muscles must be supple and elastic as well.

As a yoga teacher I want every possible tool to help my students care for their health and wellness, and myofascial release is a powerful, and accessible, tool that perfectly complements a yoga practices and any other sports related activity.

Fascia is densely woven connective tissue that surrounds and interconnects almost every structure in the body. It changes slowly over time, adapting (for better or worse) to our posture and movement patterns. In fact, our body can become so used to holding a shape that we may no longer even recognise the feeling as “tight”. Myofascial release work can be hugely helpful in triggering areas of “tight spots” to recognise them and then release chronic tension.

In Myofascia Workshops we focus on releasing and restoring the lower body of the hard-working tissues in the feet, legs and hips, and then move to the upper body to help release chronic tension around the shoulders and spine. In these workshops you’ll learn simple myofascial release techniques you can do yourself using a yoga block and a rubber doggy ball or tennis balls. No yoga experience required.

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